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The worlds fastest way to remove and re-seat bearings into overhead garage door bearing plates. Never use a hammer again. Using mechanical leverage and good old common sense, you can now change bearings in hard to reach places without breaking a sweat, or damaging the new one... Once you try it you will be amazed.

Personalized Approach

Created from experience, developed for all door technicians. All World Inc started as a few friends, coworkers, and good ole guys who saw a need for an easier approach to replacing garage door bearings. 


Excellence and Professionalism 

Save your hammers and protect the new bearing. All World's bearing blasters makes changing any garage door bearings, 

commercial or residental, quick and painless. This tool is what the garage door industry has needed for years. 


Works for both 1" and 1 1/4" bearings. 

Contact us with any questions regarding your bearing blaster expirences. 



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